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Don't let money get in the way of friendship

It may seem like some of your friends own better things than you do. Or maybe you've noticed that other pals don't have the latest and greatest. Every family has a different income supporting them. An income is the money your parents make at their jobs. That money is used to pay for the home you live in. Your parents buy your food and clothes with it and everything else you need to live.

Money can sometimes get in the way of a friendship, but only if you let it. For example, maybe you can afford to go to an amusement park this summer, but your best friend can't. Instead, try to find a different activity that both of you can enjoy. You could set up your own amusement park in each other's yards.

Or maybe find a job washing cars or walking pets to earn money. Then you can go to a real amusement park together.

What really counts

It's great to be friends with kids whose finances are different than yours. Just remember that money or things are not a good reason to choose someone for a friend. Liking a person for who they are is more important.

Saving your money to do things with friends is a good habit — no matter how much money your family makes. A savings account can help you!

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