Summer 2014

Barksdale Federal Credit Union

Fun & Games

Bored? 4 ways to have fun!

School's out and you have your entire summer stretching ahead of you. Looking for different ways to have fun? Try some of these fun activities to beat summer boredom.

Set up a tent. Ask your parents to help you set up a tent. You can spend the night outside, tell ghost stories and sing campfire songs. Don't forget your sleeping bag!
Go on a nature hunt. Write a list of things you need to find on your nature hunt. You can include pinecones, shiny rocks and bird feathers. Then see who can find all the items on the list.
Make a picnic lunch. Ask your parents if you can eat your lunch outside. Then pack sandwiches, fruits and veggies in a bag to eat out in the yard. Be sure to bring a blanket to sit on.
Make your own piggy bank. Find an old jar or box to decorate as your new piggy bank. Use markers, glue and glitter to make it your own.
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