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Make It Personal
Design Your Own Platinum Visa® Card!
    What are some of your greatest moments? Is it the Lake Tahoe trip with your friends, when you laughed so hard your cheeks hurt? Or is it the trip to New York, where you caught the fly ball with one hand? Now you can remember them every day with SFPCU's Design Your Own Visa Card.

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Debit Card Security Tips
Five Ways to Protect Yourself from ATM Skimmers
    It only takes one swipe for thieves to steal your information. With these simple steps, learn how you can protect yourself from ATM Skimmers.    
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Our 2012 Scholarship Award Recipients
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Making Your Retirement Last
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Vehicle Loans as Low as 1.99%
10,000 Points with SFPCU Platinum Visa®
Home Loans with a $599 Flat Fee
Pay Bills Online and Enter to Win $5,000

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